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Downtown Healdsburg

Explore Healdsburg

Fun Things to Do in Healdsburg

Explore the dynamic downtown centered around the famous nineteenth-century Healdsburg Plaza, which offers exclusive dining, wine tasting, and shopping experiences to locals and visitors alike.
Incredible Culinary Journey at Healdsburg

Incredible Culinary Journey

Lined up with world-class Michelin-star restaurants to quaint coffee shops, downtown Healdsburg is a haven for food lovers. Treat your palate to authentic local cuisine with organic farm-to-table meals, a signature American fare, and a variety of international favorites like Mexican, Chinese, and more.
Wine Tasting Experiences at Healdsburg

Wine Tasting Experiences

The bustling downtown area is home to some of the best wine tasting rooms in Healdsburg. Stroll through the historic Plaza and try some of the finest and most amazing local wines with friends and family. Be it Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Syrah, Zinfandel, Rosé, or Riesling; you can try it all here.
Delightful Shopping Sprees at Healdsburg

Delightful Shopping Sprees

With boutique stores, shopping outlets, and local markets, the downtown area is sure to amaze you with a great shopping experience. Shop for stylish apparel, elegant home décor, premium accessories, local souvenirs, and a lot more from the boutique shops. Do not miss the Healdsburg Farmers Market to grab the best local produce and favorites.
Relaxing Spa Indulgences at Healdsburg

Relaxing Spa Indulgences

After exploring the exotic vineyards and famous Healdsburg restaurants, head to some of the best day spas around the downtown area. Pamper yourself with a range of body treatments, massages, beauty services, and specialized therapies. Get the best spa treatments infused with herbal and natural goodness.